How Severed Woman's Head Case In Hyd Was Cracked?

Thu May 25 2023 15:30:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Earlier last week a woman's head was found near the Musi river which caught everyone's attention. The Hyderabad police joined all the dots and cracked the case. The investigation found that it was a cold-blooded murder and the accused killed the victim so that he can escape from paying back the money he took as a loan.

Going into details, the victim whose head was found in a cover was identified as Anuradha who works as a nurse at a private hospital. As she has been repeatedly asking him to return the money, he came up with an evil idea. The investigation found many details including the alleged illicit relationship between the victim and accused.

The victim in the case was identified as Anuradha who is in her 50s while the accused Chandra Mohan is close to 50. The duo has been having an illicit relationship for a long time. Both victim and accused stay in the Chaitanyapuri colony. As Anuradha knows him well and they both have a relationship, she gave the money.

However, he is not repaying the money and this led to an argument. Following this, he killed her. After killing her, he cut her body into parts and threw her head near the Musi River. The case went to the notice of the cops when a civic body worker spotted them and informed them.

A detailed investigation went through and the case was cracked. Multiple departments worked together to crack the case. CCTV footage in nearby areas was examined and finally found the auto the accused traveled. The auto driver was questioned and based on the information he gave, the accused was arrested and grilled. CCTV footage in areas like Chaderghat, Kahchiguda, Saidabad, Amberpet, Santoshnagar, and Kanchanbagh was examined and the breakthrough happened.

Eight teams were formed and many suspected vehicles were also seized. The concerned cops dug out the details of the case. All the teams gave their best and worked together to crack the case. All that helped in cracking the case and finding the accused. It is said that he used stone cutters to cut her body parts and stored some parts in the fridge throwing the head away.