Indian Govt's Second Phase Of Crackdown On Chinese Apps?

Sun Feb 05 2023 20:52:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

India's issues with China are not new and they go back many decades. We often see tense situations at the border with China. The Galwan clashes are an example of the tense situation between the two nations. India also feels that China is using mobile applications to spy on Indians.

Earlier many Chinese apps were banned in India by the government. Now the second phase of the ban was imposed on Chinese apps as per the information. Based on a few recommendations the ban was imposed as per the information. More than 200 mobile apps were banned by the concerned Ministry.

It has to be mentioned here that many loan-giving apps created a ruckus in India as people from a few states were harassed by the apps and they took the extreme step. Many alleged that the representatives of the apps harassed them by threatening that they will leak their personal pictures of them.

Around ten states reported such incidents and the issue even reached the courts. Earlier the Delhi Court that loan-giving apps cannot charge extra amounts for the money they give as a loan and there should be a limit on the money that is charged extra.

Amid this, as many as 230 apps are said to have been banned by the Indian government. The apps include betting apps and apps that offer loans. Going by the allegations of collecting the personal data of users the apps were banned.

The Indian government has been cracking down on Chinese apps of late. Earlier most used apps like TikTok, PUBG, and others. Now another phase of the ban was imposed and more than 200 apps were banned as per the latest information.