Instead of Bringing Strict Laws, US allows Teachers to Carry Guns

Wed Jun 15 2022 13:34:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Every time a gun shooting is reported in the United States, people talk about the rising gun culture and how it is ringing danger bells in the nation. There are a few issues that have to be addressed here to counter the gun culture. The rules to get a gun license in America are very easy there.

Unlike every time, the discussion and debate on the growing gun culture turned intense as a boy who recently turned 18 got a gun license and created havoc at a school in Texas city. After reportedly killing his grandmother, the accused went on a rampage and killed more than 20 people including children and adults.

Many organizations and activists have slammed the Joe Biden Administration over the firing incident. As an after-effect of the firing incident, the concerned authorities gave a green signal for the teachers to carry a gun to the workplace as a safety measure.

A bill was introduced which says that employees working at the school can carry guns after taking the required training for just one day. Paving a way for the bill to get into effect, Republican Governor Mike DeWine signed the bill. Those who want to carry guns should apply for the license and keep themselves under training.

One wonders why the law was introduced allowing teachers to carry guns instead of making the rules tough to get a gun license and increasing the age limit to get a license to 21 from the existing 18.

 Though special funds were allocated to look after the security measures at various schools including the Texas school, it is not enough. There are two options in front of the United States Administration to deal with the increasing gun culture in the country which has reached a problematic state.

One is to bring strict laws to issue a gun license and do a background check on the mental health of the person who is buying the arms. The second one is to cancel the licenses and call back all the firearms that were sold to people barring the military and Police personnel in the nation.