Interesting: CPI Wants To Join Hands With TDP,Janasena!

Tue Mar 28 2023 15:59:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The upcoming general elections in Andhra Pradesh are interesting to watch. Though YSRCP appeared strong, a recent survey said that TDP would emerge as the single largest party. Moreover, TDP showed its strength with the recent MLC polls. As a result, CM YS Jagan who never misses any opportunity to target Chandrababu and Pawan did not talk about them at an event after the polls.

Now we are hearing a new possibility of Janasena, Telugu Desam Party, and Communist Party of India (CPI) joining hands and contesting the polls. A veteran Communist leader said this and the news came as a big surprise to the political observers.

CPI Narayana said that the party will contest the elections and if the alliance is formed Janasena and TDP should allot seats for them. Saying that the current government failed to achieve the demands of the state, Narayana observed that the communist will fight.

Looking at the possibilities, Janasena earlier allied with the Communists. However, the alliance failed. But we have to wait and see what the TDP does. The TDP joined hands with the communists in Telangana and tasted a big disaster in 2018.

The Communists have a rich legacy in the country. But they are fading out rapidly and their existence is in danger in many states. We have to say that the communists are not in a strong position in Andhra Pradesh. Communists have a somewhat base in Telangana which worked in Munugode by poll.

Winning the by-poll is one thing and winning the general elections is one thing. Many say that TDP and Janasena might come to power if they join hands. But the BJP factor is stopping the two parties from doing so. When there is no clarity on this, the communists came into the picture.