Is Telangana BJP following UP strategy?

Thu Mar 16 2023 11:09:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Is the BJP in Telangana following the UP strategy to the hilt? It appears so. Ever since Sunil Bansal took reins of the party in Telangana, the party appears to be following its success formula that it employed in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the state too. Sunil Bansal, a close camp follower and political disciple of Amit Shah, is largely credited with the party's stupendous success in UP assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

In UP, Bansal implemented the now-famous vistarak system, wherein full-time workers were appointed for each Parliamentary constituency. They were given bikes to commute throughout their jurisdiction. They were groomed as the first responders for the party at the ground level. This formula proved to be extremely successful and the party had achieved remarkable successes in the constituency.

In Telangana too, the party has decided to give bikes to parliamentary constituency level vistaraks. They would also be given special kits that could be used to explain about the various schemes of the Central Government to the people. They would also be tasked to work at the booth level and strengthen the party.

If sources are to be believed, the party is now said to be planning to provide bikes to the vistaraks at the assembly constituency level. Efforts are also being made to ensure that there is adequate coordination among the vistaraks and the party functionaries at the local level.