Is This Sharmila's Political Suicide?

Wed May 17 2023 12:20:12 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It appears that YS Sharmila who is trying her luck in Telangana politics had decided to go for a single fight in the upcoming Assembly elections. It is said that her party would not be merged into the other party and no alliance would be made. She is saying that there is no need of starting a party if it has to be merged into another. Talking about the alliance, she is not ready to accept the 10 or 20 seats the parties offer. Sharmila's recent announcement says that she is all set to go for a single fight.

As per the information, a survey was conducted on the condition of Sharmila's party by a big firm in the national party Delhi. The survey reportedly said that the party would be a good force in 43 out of 119 Assembly seats in the state. Sharmila is asking why ally with others in this favorable condition. Sharmila's announcement gave birth to a new debate that YSRTP would run the elections in 43 constituencies. However, Sharmila has to clarify this. She would run the elections from the Palair Assembly constituency in Khammam district.

Are the candidates ready for 42 constituencies? What measures Sharmila is taking? Needed answers here. Though it's been over two years since the party was formed, the party is struggling for its existence. She is unable to have a foot between the major parties BRS, Congress, and BJP. There are a few other small parties like YSRTP.

As of now, there is no clarity on who would get the favorable conditions in the upcoming general elections. However, Sharmila is very active now. There is a big question on whether the survey did not say how many seats the party would win which would be a strong force in 43 constituencies. Sharmila is trying her best to grab the attention of people by targeting the KCR government and the Bharatiya Janata Party. What Sharmila has to observe is that leaders are reportedly not ready to contest the elections on party tickets though the party takes care of the expenses. There was zero response when she was arrested. With this, we can understand the situation of the party.