Is this the political alliance that TDP will form

Sat Mar 11 2023 12:49:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Is the mist clearing on the political firmament and are the contours of the political alliances for the 2024 elections taking shape? It appears so. The contours of the TDP strategy for the 2024 elections are becoming clearer. The TDP, it appears, is planning to firm up an alliance with both Jana Sena and the two Left parties.

In the Teachers constituency MLA elections, the TDP has asked all its voters to cast their second preference vote to the Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) candidates, who are actually the joint candidates put up by the CPI and the CPM. This is being seen as an indication that the TDP might align with these parties in the 2024 elections.

Already the party is in talks with the Jana Sena and in all likelihood, the Jana Sena might form an alliance with the TDP. So, a TDP, Jana Sena, CPI and CPM alliance would be formed to ensure that the anti-YSRCP votes are not split. The TDP strongly feels that it cannot take on the YSRCP all alone and needs the support of other parties.

The TDP, it appears, has also given up on the BJP. After making several overtures, the TDP is now coming to feel that the BJP would not join the TDP in fighting the YSRCP. If the Jana Sena does not join it, then the BJP might go it alone. Hence, the TDP is trying to rope in as many parties as possible to ensure that it can put up a creditable fight.