Jana Sena Foundation Day raises more questions than it answers

Thu Mar 16 2023 11:05:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The foundation day of Pawan Kalyan-led Jana Sena has come and gone. But, there is still no clarity about the party's strategy for 2024. Jana Sena chief's speech has not tried to provide any answer to the questions on the party's strategy for the all-important elections scheduled for 2024. As usual, there were a lot of explanations that practically meant nothing.

The general criticism is that the speech has no direction. The party workers too are beginning to feel that there is not much in his speech. There is no talk about building up the party organization at the grassroots level. Similarly, there is no plan about how Jana Sena would develop the local level leadership of the party.

More importantly, Pawan Kalyan has not given any indication on the possible alliances for the 2024 elections. He has largely remained silent on the issue. His strategy appears to lie in biding the time and bargaining at the time of the elections. The TDP leadership was also quite disappointed by Pawan's diffidence in talking about alliances.

There is an increasing feeling among the political class that Pawan Kalyan is still preferring to ride two horses. He has not completely given up on the films. He is said to be quite busy with film related works. As a result, he is still a part-time politician of sorts, say political analysts.