Just Like India Afghanistan Also Cannot Forget August 15!

Tue Aug 16 2022 17:23:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

August 15th has a great significance as far as India is concerned as we became independent from the British. For the same reason, we celebrate Independence Day with a lot of pride and respect. While it is like a festival for India, August 15 is a nightmare for our neighboring nation.

Exactly one year back on August 15, Afghanistan fell before the deadly Taliban forces. After two long decades, the Taliban managed to capture the nation and run the nation. Seeing that the NATO forces are being called back, Taliban forces waged a war and started winning one after the other province.

Afghanistan completed one year under the deadly Taliban claws the other day. Taliban forces celebrated the occasion big way by riding cars and firing bullets. Even a national holiday was declared by the Taliban forces to celebrate the eve of completing one year in power.

Like how India cannot forget August 15, Afghanistan will also not forget the date for the opposite reason. In one long year, women in Afghanistan faced a big defeat. Girl students were denied education while working women were directed to stay home without working.

Despite saying that there would be no issues for women Taliban forces made it tough for women. Students who wants to pursue education were forced to study without making any noise. To show how tough it is for women in Afghanistan women cannot step out without any men companion. The financial crisis in Afghanistan forced the Taliban forces to seek help from nations like India.