Kodali Nani Blasts Chandrababu Using Jr NTR Name!

Wed Jun 29 2022 18:34:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kodali Nani waged a war against Telugu Desam Party chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu after joining YSRCP and is not leaving any stone unturned to slam him. The other day, the former Minister surprised everyone by saying that Telugu Desam Party is not the sole owner of the NTR legacy and has done it yet again.

Kodali Nani is known for his foul language. When it comes to attacking opponents, then he gets into uncontrollable mode and uses objectionable language. As when the Telugu Desam Party is busy with the centenary celebrations of party founder NTR, Kodali Nani is provocating the opposition party.

After YCP colors were painted on NTR's statue, Kodali Nani said, NTR belongs to everyone and any colors can be used. He even dared will smear YCP colors on the statue and asked Telugu Desam Party leaders to stop if they can.

Late NTR enjoys a fan following across the communities as he was a leading star and the minorities loved him. Coming to politics, he belongs to TDP, and painting other party colors is nothing but provocation.

As if it is not enough, Kodali Nani is adding fuel to the fight. The Gudivada MLA said that Jr NTR becomes the heir of the Telugu Desam Party as it was floated by his grandfather. Son and Grandson become the heir and not son-in-law Nani said.

Though NTR can also claim that he is the heir of the Telugu Desam Party, he is busy with his films and cannot allocate time for politics now. Despite knowing this, Kodali Nani made these comments just to provocate TDP.