Kodali Nani Blasts Sunil Deodhar With Strong Words!

Thu May 18 2023 15:29:23 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

If we look at Andhra Pradesh politics, many think that BJP and the ruling YSRCP might have some understanding. There are reasons for this, the BJP did not look into the atrocities in the state, and no central agency conducted raids on ruling party members when there are many allegations.

The opinion is so strong that the Bharatiya Janata Party even lost its sitting MLC in the state. A big leader from the AP wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party openly said this in an interview. This raised many eyeballs. Compared to earlier, things have changed and BJP leaders are targeting the YCP. Earlier a Union Minister slammed the bad roads in the state.

The recent comments of BJP's Andhra Pradesh affairs co-in-charge Sunil Deodhar created a political sensation. He alleged that mafias are spreading wings in the state. He also lashed out at Kodali Nani on the occasion.

Finding fault with the language the former Minister uses, Sunil Deodhar urged the voters to see that Kodali Nani won't win this election. He even said that the BJP would arrest him after coming to power.

"Nani will be sent to jail as they're not fit to be out in public. I am sure that the people are noticing his behavior and will end his political career soon," the BJP leader said.

Kodali Nani reacted to his comments and gave a strong response. He asked who is this person making such unwanted comments. He also made some sensational comments on Sunil Deodhar.

Kodali Nani went on to say that people like Sunil Deodhar are a burden for the party and the BJP lost the Karnataka elections due to such people and when the leadership is working on strengthening the party they are causing damage.

Kodali Nani is a firebrand leader and doesn't like people targeting him. He doesn't even shy away from using strong comments. Earlier when BJP leaders attacked Jagan asking why he won't take his wife to Temples for any occasion, Nani hit back and asked then why PM Modi won't take his wife to poojas.

When a person can use such an attack against the Prime Minister whom the parties fear, people like Sunil Deodhar are nothing for him and he blasted him with strong words.