Lady Sarpanch Makes Sensational Allegations ON BRS MLA Rajaiah!

Fri Mar 10 2023 18:09:17 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

A female Sarpanch made sensational allegations against TRS MLA Thatikonda Rajaiah. The allegations made by Hanamkonda District's Janakipuram Sarpanch Kurchapalli Navya that MLA Rajaiah is calling her and misbehaving with her and his followers are harassing her created a sensation.

She said that MLA Rajaiah is speaking in an objectionable manner over the phone and she has evidence against this. Speaking to the media, Sarpanch Kurchapalli Navya burst into tears and said that she will take the issue to Chief Minister KCR and KTR. Saying that such leaders bring a bad name to the party, Sarpanch Navya demanded that strict action should be taken against him.

Navya even alleged that even her fellow female leaders are calling and harassing her to listen to what Rajaiah is saying. She even alleged that the MLA promised her to buy whatever she wants. Do you want gold? Ornaments? I will take care of the expenses of the children's studies. The MLA is harassing me with this, she said.

Sarpanch Navya alleged that no development works would happen in the village if she won't listen to the MLA and if this happens there will be no political future for her and they are harassing her with that. Saying that her self-respect was hindered by that, the Sarpanch said she is restricted to her house. We have to wait and see how the leadership responds to this.