Major Gas Leak Kills 6, Injures 20 Others. Critical

Thu Jan 06 2022 09:54:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a major incident of gas leak in Surat city of Gujarat,  as many as six persons died on Thursday morning. The police say at least 20 persons have been rushed to the nearby hospitals with serious complaints of breathlessness. The condition of some of them is stated to be extremely fragile. The incident occurred at around 4.30 AM.

Gasses began leaking from a parked oil tanker in a company known as Viswa Prem Mills in the Sachin GIC area in the city. The leakage happened while the contents of the tanker were being emptied into a drain. Suddenly gasses from the tanker engulfed the whole area. Six people sleeping very close to the vehicle died due to asphyxiation.

Soon the fire services personnel were altered. The fire tenders arrived soon and they had managed to put the lid on the outlet from where the gas was leaking. But by then, gasses spread in the area. Many people began coughing and suffered breathlessness. Several people fell unconscious. The security personnel immediately shifted them to the nearby hospital, where the condition of at least 20 persons is stated to be critical.

The Surat police have rushed to the spot . A case has been registered and investigations are on. Sources  said the toll could rise further as the condition of several persons is worsening.