Major shock to Chandrababu: Senior TDP leader to join Jana Sena?

Wed Nov 23 2022 11:16:05 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In a major shock to the Telugu Desam Party, senior party leader and Pithapuram former MLA SVSN Varma is reportedly working out a plan to join the Jana Sena. Highly placed sources revealed that Varma had left for Hyderabad and met Pawan Kalyan to discuss the modalities of joining the party. Interestingly, he did not inform any of his cadres or party leaders about his Hyderabad visit.

Varma is quite popular in Pithapuram and won in 2014 as an independent when Chandrababu refused him a ticket. Later, he joined the TDP and went on to become quite close to Chandrababu. He lost in the 2019 elections and since then, he has been facing problems from the Jyothula family, which is dictating the terms in East Godavari.

Unhappy with the way the party is treating him, Varma has been keeping aloof for quite some time. Recently, he met Pawan Kalyan in Hyderabad and is now well on his way to join the Jana Sena. Pithapuram is a kapu dominated seat. It is also likely that Pawan Kalyan too might even contest from Pithapuram. In that case, Varma will become his election agent.

The Telugu Desam party is said to be in a state of shock  over Varma's decision. The party will now have to look for another leader of Varma's stature. There are also fears that Varma might take away a significant chunk of TDP supporters into the Jana Sena. Efforts are now said to be on to mollify him.

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