Malla Reddy Makes Sensational Allegations On IT Officials!

Wed Nov 23 2022 12:44:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Telangana labour minister Ch Malla Reddy has been in the news since yesterday with the sudden IT raids. Income Tax department sleuths divided themselves into a few teams and conducted searches at multiple locations. Residences and properties related to Malla Reddy's relatives and close aides were also raided.

The Cabinet Minister also has educational institutions and they were also raised and key information and evidence is said to have been seized by the IT sleuths. The TRS supporters are alleging the raids as part of a political vendetta.

Malla Reddy's son Mahender Reddy fell ill and sustained chest pain. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. Knowing this Malla Reddy went to the hospital to see his son. Later he spoke to the media and made some sensational allegations.

The Cabinet Minister alleged that the Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF) forces had beaten his son and that's why he fell ill and was taken to the hospital. I reached my current position after years of hard work and I am being targeted, he said.

But what caught everyone's attention is that Malla Reddy said he is targeted as he is TRS Minister. He breathed fire on the Bharatiya Janata Party over the raids.

Usually, it is common for people who face raids to allege a political conspiracy. We have seen this many times in the recent past. Malla Reddy also did the same. But he took his allegations to the next level and accused the IT raids that his son was beaten which made him fall ill. Probably this is the first time a legislator made such allegations.

It has to be mentioned here that Chief Minister KCR earlier warned the legislators that the central agencies might target them due to the political fight between TRS and BJP.

Surprisingly ED raids and IT raids happened in the state. The way Malla Reddy accused the IT department that his son was targeted and beaten raised new doubt on whether the Cabinet Minister is implementing KCR's script.

Media reports say that the IT raids resumed today which marks the second day of searches and raids connecting Malla reddy. IT officials reportedly found some irregularities in the accounts and they are likely to go deeper into this.

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