Massive Craze Among Indians For Education Abroad!

Tue Feb 07 2023 15:15:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

There is a big difference in the education system between India and western nations. Abroad offers the best education that helps students to learn the subjects and get big exposure to the field. This is the reason why students from other nations prefer big Universities in the west.

Indians are not an exemption from this. Indian students have a big craze for education abroad. Given the facilities and options the Universities offer, they prefer pursuing education abroad. One they get to learn the subject easily and get big exposure. The second is that having a graduation and post-graduation degree abroad increases the chances of getting employment.

Due to various reasons more and more Indians are going abroad for education. For better employment opportunities and a status symbol among friends and relatives youth go to other nations. Students get better opportunities and often settle there.

While the majority of students who went to foreign nations for education got big placements and settled there few others got fancy packages from big companies in India. Companies in India also prefer candidates who went to foreign nations for education. This might also be a reason for the rise in craze for foreign nations.

The data revealed by the Union Ministry of Education said that around 30 lakh students went abroad for education in the last six years. Between 2017 to 2022 30 lakh people went to foreign nations.

As per the data, 4.54 lakh people went abroad in 2017 followed by 5.17 lakhs(2018),5.86 lakhs(2019), 2.59 lakhs(2020), 4.40 lakhs(2021), and 7.50 lakhs(2022). Students who went to foreign nations in the last six years enrolled themselves in different fields and areas at different Universities.

Though the number of students who went to foreign nations was quite high till 2019, the numbers fell in 2020 and 2021. The Covid Pandemic impact might be the reason behind the dip in students who went abroad decreasing in two years.

The numbers again picked up in 2022. America and other western nations which stopped the Visa process for two years due to Covid resumed the process last year and increased the required facilities to match the demand for Visa applications.