Another Shock To TDP In Huzur Nagar Bypolls

Tue Oct 15 2019 19:23:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

If someone is coming to the election campaign, all the people in the area are looking forward to it. And those who belong to the parties, feel that they are greatly benefited. In contrast, the latest TDP chief Chandrababu's decision has been shocked, everyone.

The competition in the Huzur Nagar election is between TRS and Congress but TDP wants to try their best and win the election seat. TDP Chief Chandrababu decided to send Nandamuri Suhasini to campaign for TDP candidate Kiranmai. Nandamuri Suhasini contested in 2019 elections from Kukatpally and lost in the elections.

Nandamuri Suhasini speaks well, but she has fear. She will fumble words, she will not be able to articulate what to say. Already TDP candidate Kiranmai is lagging in the contest and people are saying that sending Suhasini for the campaign may lose the votes.