Nitish Kumar Becomes New Friend Of Opposition Parties?

Wed Aug 10 2022 16:35:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

The opposition parties in the country have one thing in common, which is anger towards the Bharatiya Janata Party. The Presidential polls gave a big opportunity to show the BJP the strength of the opposition parties. However, the opposition parties could not succeed as the parties did not come under one roof.

Now the new political changes hint that the opposition patis might have a good time in the Lok Sabha polls. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who worked with the BJP for two years ended his ties and came out of the alliance. After stepping down as the Chief Minister, Nitish was sworn in as the CM with the support of the opposition parties.

After shocking BJP, Nitish Kumar made some stunning comments. The Chief Minister asked if Narendra Modi would become Prime Minister after the 2024 polls. Saying that Modi has been serving as PM since 2014, he asked if the same would happen in the next polls as well.

His comments are like a booster dose to the opposition parties. With Nitish Kumar making these comments, the opposition parties might get some support in the Lok Sabha polls. The upcoming Lok Sabha polls are crucial for BJP as the party is facing severe criticism.

Now Nitish Kumar's comments hint that he and his ally parties would work against the BJP in the polls and that is why he made the comments that will BJP win the next polls. Who knows, the opposition parties might meet Nitish Kumar and seek his support. With his comments, Nitish Kumar became the new friend of the Opposition Parties.