No One Can Dupe Balakrishna Or Trump In That Matter

Tue Feb 25 2020 17:17:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Balakrishna is known for being eccentric and doesn't really care about mistakes in his pronunciation or inconsistency in his speech. He starts from somewhere in Mythology and ends up quoting his father, NTR and then tells something unrelated to film to finally end his long speech with a punchline from the film.  

Trump has similar habit. He doesn't get into mythology but he doesn't like to talk about any other person than him. He likes to praise himself and bloat up his work to gloat as his achievements.

No, people did not find this similarity and make the statement that No one can dupe Balakrishna or Trump. They were actually talking about their respective signatures.

Trump signed on a notebook and wrote about the beauty of Taj Mahal. After looking at his sign closely, someone from Telugu Twitterati shared NBK's signed official letter as MLA, for a comparison.

"The signatures look unforgeable. No one can put all the effort in the world to sign exactly like that. "

"Even if they try they have to first understand what they wrote, which is IMPOSSIBLE!"

These are the comments we found on internet and they seem right, don't they? This is just for fun, don't take it too seriously and consider duping their signatures. While it is unlawful it is also undeniably painstaking.