On Independence Day KCR Breathes Fire on Centre!

Mon Aug 15 2022 16:06:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

On the eve of the landmark Independence Day today, elaborate arrangements were made across the nation. Including the Indian government, the state governments also celebrated the occasion and participated in the Indian flag hosting in the respective regions. Telangana CM KCR participated in celebrations at the iconic Golconda Fort in the city.

Addressing the gathering after the celebrations, Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao aka KCR launched an intense attack against the union government led by Bharatiya Janata Party and came down against the saffron party severely.

Hitting back at the Union government for imposing restrictions on the loans taken by the states, KCR asked why the Centre wants to restrict the states from taking loans. By doing so the BJP wants to weaken the states economically, the Chief Minister alleged.

As part of his overall attack, CM KCR alleged that the union government is imposing restrictions to get debts under the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management, while it is encouraging generating revenues through the SEZs he alleged.

Telangana Chief Minister blasted the Centre over the state debts and asked how the union government can add the debts inherited from the combined state days to the divided Telangana account. The centre says Telangana has a debt of Rs 2.25 lakh crore as of 2019-20.

Drawing a comparison between the debts taken by the state government and union government under the debt-GDP ratio, the Telangana Chief Minister said Telangana's borrowings stood at 23.5 percent while the centre's numbers are more than double.

Stressing on the union government issuing restrictions to the states in taking loans, Chief Minster asked why no own talks about the loans taken by the union government while people make false comments against the states.

In his speech, KCR attacked the union government for trying to dictate terms to the states on various issues. The Chief Minister of Telangana also blasted the union government for not giving the states the share in the taxes that was granted. The government is collecting taxes but it is not giving it back to the states, he said. On the eve of Independence Day, we saw KCR breathing Fire on the Centre.