Unfortunate: Passenger Misbehaves With Hostess,Molests Her!

Sat Apr 01 2023 17:50:14 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

As an unfortunate trend, we are hearing about bad incidents involving flight travel. Air passengers are having unfortunate and embarrassing incidents during their travel. A few months back, a passenger urinated on an elderly woman. In another incident, two passengers had an ugly fight.

Now another unfortunate event happened and an air hostess was allegedly molested. A foreign passenger lost control of himself as he was drunk and allegedly molested a cabin crew member. The accused also assaulted a few passengers on the flight as per the information.

The incident happened on an Air India flight. 6E-1052 Indigo Flight was on its way to Mumbai from Bangkok. When the flight was midway a Swedish national who was drunk allegedly created a ruckus and molested a cabin. When a co-passenger tried to stop him, the 62-year-old Swedish person assaulted him as well.

The media reports say that the Swedish National who is identified as Klas Erik Harald Jonas Westberg reportedly misbehaved with the cabin crew. When she was serving meals, he had a conversation with her and molested her later.

During the card payment for the food he ordered, the accused is believed to have held the hand of the air hostess. This led to a confrontation with her. With this, the accused molested her in front of others. He also assaulted a person.

Based on the complaint, the accused was arrested by the cops after the flight landed at Mumbai Airport. The Police took him to the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate Court and he was granted bail.

Such cases are rising in big numbers. In the past few months, the cases are increasing and the recent incident marks the eighth one in the last three months. Many wonder when such incidents would happen.