Radha's Case In Prakasam: Husband Main Culprit?

Tue May 23 2023 18:02:24 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that the wife of a techie was found dead in Andhra Pradesh's Prakasam district earlier last week. The issue raised many eyeballs and initially, it was reported that her friend who took a big amount as a loan from her might have planned his as he could not pay the amount.

The version caught the attention of everyone and many expressed their concerns on the issue and asked how the accused can do that to her friend who gave money to her for his business plans. The victim identified as Radha gave lakhs of money to her friend, who is dubbed as the suspect in the case.

But the issue took an unexpected turn as the investigation reportedly found that Radha's husband Kota Mohan Reddy is the culprit in the case and he is behind the death. The detailed investigation found a new angle. This is not expected by anyone aware of the case.

As per the media reports, Kota Mohan Reddy reportedly chatted with Radha as her friend Kashi Reddy. After a few days of chatting, Mohan asked Radha to come to Jillelapadu village. She took her in a car and killed her later.

It is said that Mohan Reddy reportedly stole a phone from a juice seller and used it for calling Radha. When Mohan Reddy met Radha they had an argument which turned intense. Mohan Reddy is said to have strangled her with a chunni and thrown the body at a place.

The money Kashi Reddy took from the couple is said to be the reason behind Mohan Reddy developing anger at her wife. Mohan Reddy had some doubts about the relationship between Radha and Kashi Reddy. Eventually, he killed his wife.