Report: Long Covid can affect brains

Sun Jan 23 2022 11:49:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Covid third wave has well and truly set in in India as the caseload is increasing at an alarming rate every passing day. Now scientists have identified that long Covid is affecting the patients brains.

There does not seem to be extensive infection of brain cells by the virus but the neurological effects may be caused by immune activation neuroinflammation and damage to brain blood vessels a report from a noted medical journal read.

Long Covid can include a wide variety of symptoms in the brain and nervous system that range from a loss of taste and smell impaired concentration fatigue pain sleep disorders autonomic disorders and or headache to psychological effects such as depression or psychosis. the report adds.

According to the said report the Neurological symptoms that are often reported with acute Covid-19 include loss of taste and smell headaches stroke delirium and brain inflammation.

More research is needed to identify the severity and the triggering causes of the brain issues that are a result of long Covid.