Sceptics proved wrong: Teachers shock TDP and back YSRCP again

Fri Mar 17 2023 13:35:04 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The ruling YSRCP has proved the sceptics and critics alike wrong and has posted significant victories in the Teachers constituency MLC elections. It has won the Nellore-Chittoor-Prakasam and Wet Rayalaseema constituency elections handsomely. The counting of the other three teachers' constituencies is in progress.

Parvathaneni Chandrasekhar Reddy defeated the PDF candidate in the Nellore-Chittoor-Prakasam constituency. The PDF candidate was backed by the TDP. Despite that, the YSRCP posted a victory. In the West Rayalaseema too, the YSRCP has defeated the TDP-backed PDF candidate.

In the runup to the elections, the PRC arrears issue has dominated the discourse. The YSRCP failure to clear the arrears has led to lot of discontent and it was felt that the teachers would defeat the ruling party in the voting. However, the teachers have reposed their confidence in the YSRCP once again and handed out a handsome win.

Interestingly, both the victorious candidates run private educational institutions and have considerable rapport with the teaching community. Their personal influence and management skills too may have come handy. Whatever the reason, the YSRCP is grinning from ear to ear, while the TDP , which hoped to encash the discontent among the teaching community, is shocked and surprised.