Shilpa Chowdary Alleges Blackmoney Angle During Questioning?

Sat Dec 04 2021 13:00:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a big twist in the multi-crore fraud case involving Shilpa Chowdary, a lower court in Hyderabad granted police custody of Shilpa Chowdary for two days. Going by the court orders, the cops shot a flood of questions at her to get more information from her on Friday, the first day of her police custody.

However, it has been widely reported that Shilpa Chowdary did not cooperate with the cops initially but started to give more details in the case when the investigation officers showed her the evidence that says she had duped several people. After knowing that she can't play the innocent card, Shilpa Chowdary reportedly shared more details with the Police.

It is said that Shilpa Chowdary spilled a few beans on the case and the fraud when the Police showed the evidence. She is believed to have told the cops about the list of the people who were duped by her on the pretext of granting more interest for their money.

It is said that Shilpa Chowdary reportedly brought a fresh angle to the case by saying that she did not cheat anyone and the money she received from people to make the black money white through investments in real estate and other areas. While a few people made investments, a few others asked her to keep their money with her.

If the reports appear to be true and if there is a black money angle in the racket really, then it will change the path of the case it is traveling at once. If the black money issue is real then the name of more bigshots might come out. However, this can be known only after the police investigation.

It is also said that Shilpa Chowdary faced questions from the cops on whom she had cheated and taken money from them and where all the collected money went. If details on the issue are out then it takes no time in closing the case by finishing the case.

Shilpa Chowdary was taken to the Special Operation Team(SOT)office in Hyderabad for the questioning session from the Chanchalguda Prison. Shilpa's lawyer and women cops were present throughout the sessions. The questioning session went on till six in the evening.