Shock For Ganta First Time, What's The Matter?

Sat Mar 11 2023 16:48:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Former Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao is a big leader in the Vizag district. He has been with the Telugu Desam Party for the past 25 years. He served as the Minister for seven years. He served as MLA four times and MP in one term. There is one thing about Ganta, that all the parties would agree on.

That is, he will win from anywhere he contests. As an example of this, he withstand the Jagan wave in the 2019 polls and won as an MLA from the Vizag north constituency. Now it is said that the same seats would give a shock to Ganta. In the Sri Atma Sakshi Group(S.A.S) survey, it was found that Ganta would lose the elections from Vizag north if he contests as a TDP candidate.

Survey says that Ganta's rival, YCP in charge KK Raju would win the elections. People in the constituency are also saying that they are not seeing the MLA since he won the elections. They are saying that KK Raju is the MLA. So it is said that Ganta would taste the first defeat in the sitting seat.

These things are not unknown to political strategists like Ganta. If we look at his political journey, he did not contest in the same constituency twice. After becoming MP from Anakapalli, he won as the MLA from Chodavaram in 2004. While he won as the MLA from Anakapalli in 2009, he became MLA from Bhemili in 2014. He preferred Vizag North in 2019.

There is an opinion that Ganta is targeting Bhemili, Gajuwaka, Anakapalli, and Chodavarm constituencies. However, there are in-charges for the party in the places. If an alliance is formed, at least two seats might be given to Janasena. It is interesting to see if the leadership would give any of the sears to Ganta and who would make the sacrifice.

A debate is going on with Ganta not coming to a clarity on the constituency as the elections are just one year away. His camp is saying that the leadership would not say no to a big shot like Ganta and he would get the ticket he likes. If the leadership asks him to contest from Vizag north then it would be a big issue for him.

The leadership is allegedly considering the survey that TDP would lose the seat where Ganta has been an MLA for four years. Out of 24 winning MLAs, 19 MLAs are with the party. The survey says that they would win the party. A debate is also going on about what the leadership is thinking.