Silver coins to lure voters in MLC elections

Sat Mar 11 2023 12:56:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

That the elections are getting costlier and costlier is no news. But that huge amounts are being spent  even for the Teachers  constituency MLC is both a shock and a surprise. Reports are that the candidates are on a spending spree for the elections. If sources are to be believed, some candidates are gifting the voters silver coins so that they vote for them.

On Friday, the teachers constituency MLC candidates of the PDF have lodged a complaint that their rival and the YSRCP candidate has stacked silver coins in a large quantity at his office in the Majestic Towers of Vizag. The PDF candidates laid a siege to the office till the police and the state election commission officials came.

All other parties too are spending money like there's no tomorrow. They are doing everything they can to lure the voters. Dinners for the voters are being organised at various places and liquor is said to be flowing like water. In addition, several candidates are said to be gifting watches, mobiles and other material to woo the voters.

Money transfer through mobile apps, gifting of petrol coupons and gift coupons are also being used in several places. Gifting of home appliances and paying the mobile and dish TV bills are also common methods, according to an observers. There is practically no check on these modes of payment, say sources.