Students Cannot Trust ChatGPT Blindly!

Thu May 18 2023 11:37:35 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Artificial intelligence is the current phenomenon and millions of people are using the new technology. Despite its huge popularity, there are also a few concerns about AI. Many say that AI also comes with many disadvantages and the concerns reached the White House as well. A key meeting was held with top CEOs on AI and the possible fears.

Subject experts say that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg with the A.I. and its Chatbots. Adding fuel to this, there are a few concerns about AI hallucination, which is a confident response by an AI that is a piece of false information.

Compared to others, students are more vulnerable to Hallucination (artificial intelligence) and they should be very careful. If they believe ChatGPT more than it should be then they have to pay a high price for this.

Keeping this in simple terms, AI works in a way that is based on its algorithms and saved data. Based on that it gives responses and replies. As an example of AI hallucination, a ChatGPT user asked when Charles III will be coronated. But the Chatbot gave a wrong answer.

When the king was coronated on the 6th of this month, the ChatGPT answered that the ceremony would happen on the 17th of this month. The reply the ChatGPT gave is false and this is an example of AI hallucination and how it is a big concern.

Not just the ChatGPT, the other Chatbots also work similarly and they can also give you false information. So the experts warn the students to be careful about taking the information as supreme. If they are preparing for any exams or preparing any thesis, then the information would be costly.

The Internet is a sea of information and Chatbots are seeing a big rise in usage. The growing popularity also comes with some concerns and people should be careful of this. Students are a large portion of users of such chatbots. So they should be very careful with the information it gives and how they consume it. In matters of health, people should be very careful.

Like how people suffer from hallucinations, AI also suffers from the condition and gives wrong information in this process. It's in the hands of the users on how to consume the information and replies.