Supreme Court Didn't Consider AP Govt's Request!

Mon Feb 06 2023 14:41:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Andhra Pradesh government led by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is very strong on the proposal to have three capitals for the state for the decentralisation of development rather than focusing on just one region. Despite the Amaravati farmers fighting hard for the sole capital idea, the ruling party is not taking a back step.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court earlier gave the verdict saying that the Amaravati region should be developed as the Capital and the farmers who gave land to the capital proposal should be handed over the developed lands. However, the state government is still fighting on that.

Now the Andhra Pradesh government faced a big blow in the Supreme Court as the Supreme Court did not consider the request it made. The letter the government wrote to the Supreme Court failed with the Apex Court not listing the petition concerning the Amaravati issue.

Requesting the Supreme Court to hear the petition soon, the Andhra Pradesh government had written a letter to the Registrar of the court to mention the petition in the mentioned list. But the request was not considered and the petition is not listed for hearing. Many felt that the petition might come up for hearing on Monday but the reality was different.

It can be seen as a big blow to the Andhra Pradesh government which wants three capitals to be effective. As per the information, there is no confirmation on when the issue will come up for hearing in the Apex Court.

Usually, the petitions that are selected for hearing in the Apex Court will be mentioned in the computer-generated listing. But the petition is said to have been not listed in it for Monday as well. So no one knows when the issue will be listed for hearing by the Apex Court and the government has no option left except for waiting.

The status quo of capital in Andhra Pradesh started after the 2019 elections. YS Jagan who supported the Amaravati row in opposition changed his stand on the capital and proposed three capitals- Amaravati (legislative), Visakhapatnam (executive), and Kurnool (judicial).