Supreme Court Handover Freebies Issue to Union Government!

Tue Jul 26 2022 18:03:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Being one of the largest democracies in the world, people in India have the right to elect whom they would want and send them to the house of representatives. Voters select the candidate based on the promises the parties do. Over the decades, the way the political parties are luring voters has changed.

These days, the political parties are luring the voters by offering massive freebies. But the financial burden caused by the schemes is making it tough for the states to manage their funds. The freebies culture became a big concern as the money for the schemes is taken from the public money. Not just post the polls, but during the polls as well the parties bank highly on the freebies.

Now the issue reached the Supreme Court. A petition was filed with the Apex Court seeking it to direct the top election body EC to not let the political parties distribute the freebies before the elections. The top court heard the petition today.

Hearing the petition, the Apex Court asked the union government to look into the issue and frame the guidelines for the parties so that the irrational freebies cannot be distributed. Having said that, the Apex Court posted the matter to the 3rd of August.

The new development is nothing but the Supreme Court granting a brahmastra to the union government. It is known that the union government has been warning the states that are taking high debts and giving freebies for quite some time.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the same a few times and urged the states to bring down the freebies culture or else the states have to face the burden of the welfare schemes.

Now the Apex Court kept the responsibility of fixing the guidelines on the freebies by the parties while campaigning for the polls. This might give an advantage for the saffron party to target the parties which are banking high on the welfare schemes by framing the guidelines so that the party doesn't get affected in any manner. In a few days, we will know what the union government is doing.