Supreme Court Stays High Court's Orders On Amaravati Capital!

Mon Nov 28 2022 15:55:20 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Andhra Pradesh government led by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is very adamant about going for three capitals so that the development will be decentralized.No matter what the Amaravati farmers are saying the state government is not taking a backstep. The issue is taken to the Supreme Court.

Moving the Supreme Court made the Andhra Pradesh government face a big relief as the Apex Court issued a stay on the High Court orders. It is known that the Andhra Pradesh High Court earlier directed the government to complete the capital city in the Amaravati region and hand over the developed flats to the farmers.

The orders were challenged in the Apex Court. The Supreme Court issued a stay on the orders. It is said that the Supreme Court made some interesting comments on the High Court and opined that the Court crossed its jurisdiction in the matter.

Not happy with the comments made by the High Court earlier that the capital city should be developed in six months, the Supreme Court reportedly asked the court if it is a town planner or Chief Engineer. Is the High Court acting as the government, the Apex Court asked?

Talking about the decentralization of development, the bench of Supreme Court comprising Justices KM Joseph and BV Nagarathna said that they cannot issue orders on confining capital to a single region and asked how can we say the capital city should be in a single place.

While the lawyer representing the Andhra Pradesh government requested the Supreme Court to stay all the orders issued by the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, the bench said no to this and stayed only 3 to 7 orders.

The capital city controversy emerged in Andhra Pradesh after the YSRCP government proposed three capitals idea instead of developing Amaravati as the sole capital. The Amaravati farmers have been fighting against this and a few months back the High Court directed the state government to develop the capital in Amaravati and hand over the developed flats to the farmers. The High Court also directed the government to provide facilities like electricity, drainage, and others.

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