Supreme Court To Hear The Hijab Issue As Urgent Case!

Mon Jan 23 2023 17:20:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The sensational Hijab Row is in the news yet again as the issue reached the top court in the country, the Supreme Court. A bench of petitions were filed in the Apex Court challenging the verdict given by the Karnataka High Court on allowing Muslim students with Hijab inside educational institutions.

As a response to the petitions filed, the Supreme Court said that the issue will be listed before a three-judge bench and the bench will be constituted soon. The Supreme Court even listed the matter for an urgent hearing. The bench would be constituted soon and it will hear the case.

There is a reason behind listing the matter for an urgent hearing. The exams in Karnataka are fast approaching and the practical exams will be held in February. As the colleges are not allowing them to enter places in Hijab many students are unable to take the exams.

Citing the same the petitioners' lawyer told the Supreme Court that a few students missed the exams already and they might miss the practical exams as well which will impact their academics. This made the Supreme Court understand the seriousness and list the matter as an urgent one.

The Hijab row popped up in Karnataka after a few Muslim women were stopped from entering educational institutions. Saying that there is a uniform code that needs to be followed, the college administration stopped the women from entering the places.

Though the issue happened in Karnataka it passed to other regions as well. Many states saw intense protests in this regard and many students missed the exams as they are not ready to leave the tradition of wearing hijab.

The issue earlier reached the Karnataka High Court. The bench of the court said that there is no need to wear hijabs inside educational institutions as per Islam. However, the petitioners moved the Supreme Court.

Hearing a petition the Supreme Court gave a split verdict as the two justices gave contrasting views. While one judge supported the ban the second one said that Hijab should be allowed for students. Now the issue has reached the Supreme Court yet again.