To attend or not to attend: TRS dilemma over new parliament building's inauguration

Thu May 25 2023 11:44:42 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The ruling TRS is still undecided about whether to attend the inauguration of the new parliament building. The party MPs are eagerly waiting for the decision from Chief Minister and party supremo KCR. Already 19 major political parties have announced that they would skip the inaugural session protesting against the inauguration by Narendra Modi.

However, some 17 political parties have said that they would be attending the inaugural. Thus, the battle lines are drawn. The TRS is in a dilemma as its boycott could be interpreted as a TRS-Congress truck. Similarly, it cannot attend the inaugural as it could be seen as veering towards the BJP. Hence the top boss of the party is said to be weighing all options.

A day before the inaugural, the Niti Ayog's governing council is scheduled to meet. All the chief ministers will attend the meeting. However, KCR has decided not to attend the meeting. In fact, the TRS has been boycotting the meeting for the past two years claiming that it was a futile exercise. The party could even skip the inauguration of the parliament, say sources.

Unlike in case of the inauguration of the Telangana's new secretariat building, for which invitations were not extended to the opposition parties, the Lok Sabha secretariat has already sent an invitation to the TRS. The TRS has nine MPs in the Lok Sabha and senior leader K Keshava Rao is the parliamentary party leader of the party.