Taraka Ratna's Widow Sees God In Balayya For Commendable Gesture!

Tue Mar 21 2023 11:12:50 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Nandamuri Balakrishna is a no-nonsense man. He speaks whatever comes to his mind and he cannot control his emotions. In a few instances, the senior hero even slapped his fans. Despite all this, fans love him and those who were slapped by the Hindupur MLA also support him.

But the other side of Balakrishna is that he is a man of a golden heart. When it comes to helping others and carrying out humanitarian work, Balakrishna gives his best. His Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute is an example. Patients get treatment for less cost.

When Taraka Ratna fell ill and got hospitalised, Nandamuri Balakrishna attended him in the hospital in Kuppam and Bengaluru. Balakrishna turned emotional seeing Taraka Ratna in the situation. After his demise, Balakrishna stood behind the family and assured required help.

Now Balakrishna came up with a commendable gesture. The actor-turned-politician has decided to provide treatment for cardiothoracic ailments for people who cannot afford the treatment costs. A special block will be dedicated to this and will be named after Taraka Ratna.

The new service would help poor people. Of late people irrespective of their age are sustained heart attacks and passing away. Shockingly, even the youth is falling prey to this. People who cannot go to private hospitals to get treatment can go to Basavatarakam hospital in Hyderabad and Hindupur as well.

 Taraka Ratna's wife Alekhya Reddy took to social media to thank Balakrishna for this. Saying that Nandamuri Balakrishna came up with the proposal, she said she is unable to put in words how she can express her gratitude.

Taraka Ratna's widow said nobody deserves the name of a man with a golden hand except for Balakrishna who has been more than a father and friend. She even said that she is seeing a god in him. It is no wonder that Alekhya Reddy is showering praises on Nandamuri hero.

"What can i say, how can i express my gratitude to you.. whatever i say, is going to still be very little of the many layers ive seen and known of you.. nowonder your called the man with a golden heart you truely deserve the name , nobody else does, just NOBODY.. youve been more than a father, a friend and now see god in you..," she said on Instagram.