This is the difference between TDP leaders from AP and Telangana

Sat Aug 20 2022 10:17:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is one key difference between the TDP loyalists in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. While most of those TDP leaders who had left the party had done so without any remorse, those who left the party in Telangana have done it with tears. Though the TDP was in power in Andhra Pradesh, those leaving the party only had bitter memories and tales of unfulfilled promises.

On the contrary, the leaders from Telangana who left the TDP have been very apologetic while resigning from the party. Take the case of Revanth Reddy. He only had good things to say about Chandrababu Naidu. Mulug MLA Sitakka aka Anasuya openly admits that she owed her political career to Chandrababu. Even after joining the Congress, she visits Chandrababu and ties rakhi to him. Even L Ramana, who has since joined the TRS, never had any complaints with Chandrababu and the TDP.

The latest to leave the TDP are politician couple  Kothakota Dayakar Reddy and Sita Dayakar Reddy. Dayakar and Sita have been steadfast TDP loyalists and became very emotional while announcing their resignation from the TDP. They recalled how they grew in the TDP and how Chandrababu helped them grow. They said they were leaving the party as they can no longer help their cadres and supporters by being in the TDP.

Dayakar Reddy was MLA from Amarachinta in 1994 and 1999 and from Makthal in 2009. His wife Sita Dayakar Reddy was the zilla parishad chairperson in 2002 itself. Both the husband and wife were fiercely loyal to the TDP boss and did not leave the party even when other stalwarts were leaving. Sources say that the couple is likely to join the Congress Party soon.