Undavalli Sees A Growth In Vote Percent Of Pawan Kalyan!

Sat Apr 01 2023 18:32:35 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Undavalli Arun Kumar is a senior Congressman from the Congress. It's been some time since he contested any polls. With this, he took a new path and became a political analyst. On various issues, he gives his analysis. Be it state politics or national topics, he comes up with his points and gives an opinion.

The former Rajahmundry MP is focusing on AP issues and interests of late. He is fighting for the pending demands of Andhra Pradesh. He has been fighting for the past eight years in the Supreme Court. He is also requesting the state government to take part in the fight for the state's interests.

The ex-MP made some interesting comments on Pawan Kalyan's growth as a politician. He said that Pawan Kalyan got six percent votes in the last elections and he would get 12 percent votes as of now and the percentage can go to 15 percent as well.

Undavali is saying that in combined Godavari districts and north Andhra, Pawan Kalyan's image had increased. He said this a few times. Hearing someone like Undavalli saying good things about Pawan Kalyan is making the Janasena fans happy.

Kapu community is one of the biggest vote banks in the state and the community is in big numbers in the regions mentioned by Undavalli. Moreover, Pawan Kalyan is also raising his voice for many issues and this might have increased his image.

Janasena entered electoral politics in the 2019 polls. It went to polls alone and tasted a big disaster. The party won the polls cheaply and Pawan Kalyan also lost the polls. Now Pawan Kalyan is focusing on the polls and wants to defeat the YSRCP. There are predictions that TDP and Janasena might join hands.