Unfortunate: Cardiac Arrest Kills Teenager At A School!

Thu May 18 2023 11:05:58 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In what could be a shocking incident a teenager fell unconscious while playing with his friends. He was taken to the nearby hospital for treatment. But to everyone’s surprise, the teenager was declared dead. Seeing an 8th-class student passing away shocked everyone, the reason was even more shocking.

As per the media reports, the student reportedly died out of cardiac arrest. He is just 15. This is said to have happened at the Gautambudh Nagar school in Noida. The victim was reportedly identified as Rohit Singh. When he was playing with his friends he fell and many felt that dehydration might be the reason.

But taking him to the hospital changed the whole story and doctors said that he passed away already and cardiac arrest is the reason behind this. To get more information, his body was sent to the postmortem and further details are awaited.

Usually, elder people sustain cardiac arrest. But the trend has changed in India which is concerning. People in the '40s and '50s are also sustaining cardiac arrests. We have seen this with Many celebrities in India. Be it Puneeth Rajkumar, Sidharth Shukla, and others passed away suddenly despite having a healthy lifestyle.

But things have become even more complicated and people in their teenage and who are less than 30 are also sustaining sudden deaths. Earlier we have seen how a young police constable passed away while doing gym. He complained of uneasiness like Puneeth and passed away.

In another unfortunate incident, a student passed away suddenly while walking. He fell in the college corridor and there is no movement. These are just a few incidents that were reported and there could be several others that were not reported.

Irrespective of age, people are breathing their last. Of late, we are hearing that people are passing away while dancing at functions. This tells us that age cannot define whether one can sustain a sudden heart attack or cardiac arrest. Many factors determine this.

Factors like a healthy lifestyle, the medical history of the family, and food habits play a key role. Experts are saying that everyone has to be careful about what they eat and what their lifestyle is.