What Action YCP Will Take on TDP in Data Theft Case?

Tue Sep 20 2022 16:45:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The much-talked-about Pegasus spyware case which sent shocking waves across the nation and even reached the Supreme Court gave birth to a big political controversy in Andhra Pradesh. The ruling YSRCP alleged that the Telugu Desam Party might have been involved in data theft.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee played her part in adding fuel. She alleged that during the TDP tenure, her government received a proposal from the Andhra Pradesh government on tapping phones but she rejected it. Following this, the Andhra Pradesh government set up a committee that will probe the matter and see if data theft happened or not.

The committee had finished the probe and alleged that data theft happened during the Telugu Desam Party tenure. The committee led by the YSRCP MLA read out the findings in the Assembly House today as part of the ongoing sessions. The House committee alleged that data theft happened and it will see what action it can take against the opposition party.

The House committee maintained that the previous government tried to cancel as many as 30 lakh votes in the lakh with the help of the Seva Mitra app and for this, the government used the spyware case.

Looking at the comments made by the House Committee, it is confirmed that the government might take any action against the Telugu Desam Party on the alleged data theft. Given the enmity between the ruling and opposition parties, the YSRCP might start the process of punishing the opposition party.

We have to say that the YSRCP has trapped TDP in the alleged data theft row. The House Committee said that it went through a lot of pieces of evidence and information and found the data theft happened and data was collected by the previous government to cancel 30 lakh votes.

The House Committee set up by the Andhra Pradesh government on the Pegasus spyware case was led by Tirupati MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy and he is the Chairman of the committee. Having finished the probe, the committee read out the findings, which say the TDP is involved in the data theft.

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