What Response Nara Lokesh's Yuvagalam Can get In Jammalamadugu?

Tue May 23 2023 19:04:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Intending to win the upcoming general elections in Andhra Pradesh, Telugu Desam Party's General Secretary Nara Lokesh started a padayatra named Yuva Galam which is going strong. The Yatra recently completed a big milestone of 100 days. Nara Lokesh is covering one district after the other as part of his ongoing padayatra.

Now all eyes are on his padayatra as it will enter the strong zone of CM Jagan YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The yatra will enter Jammalamadugu town in the Kadapa region. The YS family enjoys a strong fan following and support there. This caught everyone's attention.

A debate is going on about how Lokesh's padayatra will get a response there. So far, Nara Lokesh is receiving a good response for his yatra and we have to wait and see what Nara Lokesh can achieve in Jammalamadugu. All eyes are on the Yatra now.

Yuvagalam yatra entered the Kadapa district earlier last month. The yatra went through a few constituencies already and by today evening, it will enter Jammalamadugu. We have to wait and see what Nara Lokesh can do with the yatra in the region, which is the strong zone of the YS Family.

Jammalamadugu used to be a strong zone of the Telugu Desam Party. But things changed over the years and the grand old party lost its grip on the region. Internal fights are troubling the party and amid this, Nara Lokesh's padayatra is entering the region. Let us wait and see what happens.