What are the highest and least corrupt Countries

Fri Jan 28 2022 15:56:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Corruption is the biggest social evil faced by the world. People in various countries are facing the effects of this. To highlight the corruption in various countries a Germany based company had granted rankings to as many as 180 countries across the globe in corruption.

The global civil society organization Transparency International which is known for fighting corruptio has released a report on corruption in various nations. Titled Corruption Perception Index CPI the report had ranked Denmark as the most transparent country in the world.

Finland New Zealand Norway and Singapore were given the next positions in terms of nations that have gained high points in the report. These five nations stood at the top positions in the report.

With a score of 40 India was ranked 85 on the list by improving a spot. The rankings for the countries were granted on grounds of the score they got. Starting from 0 to 100 the score is given. The more rankings the countries get the more the corruption problem hits the nation.

While India had improved its position in the list by one position compared to the rank it got last year other nations like Pakistan Bangladesh and Indonesia also recorded a less score in the respective nations. Coming to the highest corrupted South Sudan was declared the severely corrupted country.

However the report also expressed its concern about the democratic status in India. Saying that the fundamental freedom of various bodies and institutions has dipped over the past 10 years the report mentioned its observations.

Raising several concerns the report said that just for a few nations that reported a betterment the corruption level across the nations remained the same. While a few countries have small-scale corruption few others see corruption on large scale.

The data on corruption at the Government fields is the criteria while preparing the report. Based on the same parameter the report was made. The score was given to the countries from 0 to 100. The rankings were given from the least to the highest in the report.

The corruption levels have reached a problematic level in various nations. The high population nations are suffering from the side effects of corruption and the common problem of the countries is fighting public sector corruption