Why doesn't BJP trust Swamy Paripoornananda?

Sun Jan 23 2022 08:53:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

What is Swami Paripoornananda up to The Swami of the Kakinada-based Sreepeetham is now fully focussed on AP. He has not even been visiting Hyderabad. Based out of Kakinada he is now trying to regain a foothold in the AP BJP. If sources are to be believed he is said to have approached the state BJP leaders with a request that he be given a key post in the state team.

But, a strong section of the BJP firmly believes that Swamy is a TDP agent. They feel that the TDP used the Swamy to whip up anti-Jagan feelings during the 2014 elections and ensure a TDP win. In the 2019 elections Swamy was in the BJP but did not campaign for any BJP candidate in AP. He studiously maintained a distance from the BJP and openly favored the TDP.

In fact insiders say that he had even threatened to resign from the BJP but was dissuaded by some of his advisors. It is another matter that the TDP has lost the elections. After the TDP defeat NRI funds dried up for Paripoornananda. His TV channel and other activities are also in doldrums now..

The BJP is viewing him with suspicion especially after he desisted from campaigning in the 2019 elections. Even the Central leaders are said to be wary of him. In fact his chief promoter Rammadhav himself is effectively out of the BJP. Leaders like Somu Veerraju and Vishnuvardhan Reddy have no time for him. But regardless of all these Paripoornananda wants to become active again and wants the party to project him as the CM candidate in AP. Will the party oblige Lets wait and see.