Why Telangana bureaucrats are afraid of BRS brand of politics?

Fri Jan 06 2023 11:42:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

With Telangana CM KCR renaming his party as Bharata Rashtra Samiti in place of regionalistic Telangana Rashtra Samithi, the Telangana bureaucrats are in a fix. They are now finding themselves on a slippery slope? The reason? With KCR's priorities changing, should the administration adopt the old postures on inter-state disputes with neighbouring Andhra Pradesh or to adopt more conciliatory posture.

Telangana has several disputes with Andhra Pradesh over bifurcation related positions, the issue of mandals that would be submerged due to Polavaram project, Krishna river water sharing, AP Lift irrigation project and payment of arrears. Till now, it was adopting a belligerent attitude vis a vis AP. But now, the officials are in a state of confusion if they should adopt the same posture since KCR is now trying to expand in AP.

On these issues, KCR might want to adopt a conciliatory approach and avoid confrontation. He wants to take root in AP and lure key leaders from various parties. However, these leaders might seek some guarantees on irrigation projects and bifurcation related issues so that AP does not lose. The officials are clueless as to what would be KCR's approach.

Meanwhile, KCR has laid special focus on luring politicians from AP. He is already said to be in touch with several leaders from various parties. He is also said to be promising that AP's interests would not be compromised. In that case, there must be a give-and-take approach. If that happens KCR stands to lose heavily in the Telangana region. Hence the officials are a confused lot and want KCR to give them some clarity on these issues.