YSRCP Gives Good Post to Former TDP Leader!

Fri Sep 16 2022 15:33:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After giving the grand old Telugu Desam Party a shock of its lifetime by winning the local body polls in Kuppam, the ruling YSRCP is focusing on defeating the opposition party in the Assembly polls. The party is making plans for this and the party is confident that it will defeat Chandrababu Naidu in Kuppam.

Besides Kuppam, YSRCP is also focusing on the Mangalagiri constituency which is represented by Nara Lokesh. Despite losing the polls in 2019 by a narrow margin, Nara Lokesh said he will contest the polls from Mangalagiri. YCP shocked Nara Lokesh by inviting strong TDP member Ganji Chiranjeevi.

Weeks after joining YSRCP, Ganji Chiranjeevi received a plum post. It is said that Chiranjeevi was made the President of the State Handlooms department and the orders were also issued in this respect. His decision to leave YSRCP for TDP worked well and he was made the President of the Handlooms department.

As YSRCP is keeping a special focus on Mangalagiri, it needs a person who has a better understanding of the region. Ganji Chiranjeevi has been working for Nara Lokesh for some time and he expected a ticket from Mangalagiri. With Nara Lokesh running polls from there, he had to sacrifice.

The new post he received would make him work for the party with high interest and intensity. There are high chances for Alla Ramakrishna Reddy to get a second chance to run the polls from the constituency. If Gamji Chiranjeevi's efforts come in then YCP would win the polls without any doubt and the winning margin would be even bigger.

Moreover, no one knows what YSRCP thinks. Out of nowhere, we might hear Ganji Chiranjeevi as the candidate of YSRCP from the Mangalagiri constituency in the next general polls.

A few political experts say that Ganji Chiranjeevi might even get a party ticket from the ruling YSRCP from the Mangalagiri region. If he can manage to win the polls by defeating Nara Lokesh, then he might even get a chance to serve as the Cabinet Minister. Becoming a Cabinet Minister is the dream of many MLAs and Ganji Chiranjeevi would achieve that early in his career.

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