More and more YSRCP MLAs feel they are mere showpieces!!

Mon Oct 03 2022 12:20:38 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Discontent is brewing among the YSRCP MLAs over the way in which they are being flogged to work in their respective constituencies. Many MLAs feel that they are being made to slog it out in the name of surveys. They are apprehensive that after all this time and money invested, they may still be denied a party ticket saying that the people are not happy with the candidate.

So, many party MLAs are wary of investing both time, effort and money in their respective constituencies. They ask what if YS Jagan denies them the party ticket citing various reasons such as anti-incumbency? The MLAs feel they should invest in their constituencies only when they are assured of a party ticket.

Many MLAs are even questioning why people should vote for them. "What did we do in our constituencies to seek votes? We have no real powers whatsoever. We cannot get work done. We can't even get a road laid out. Even pensions and other things are decided by the village volunteers and we have no so at all. Why should people vote for us?" asked an MLA who wished to remain anonymous.

Political watchers say that several party functionaries and sitting MLAs are unhappy with the way things are going on in the party. They feel that there is excessive centralization of the decision making. As a result, the MLAs become mere showpieces with no real power or no role in the decision making.