Yellow Media Also Fearing ED Action?

Thu Aug 04 2022 15:50:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Those who follow political news in the county need no intro about the music, the ED raids are doing. Across the nation, the ED is conducting raids and increasing the political heat. Though a few accused including ex-Cabinet Minister Partha Chatterjee were arrested based on the pieces of evidence, the ED raids turned political as the opposition parties are alleging that the BJP is weaponising the central agencies like Enforcement Directorate(ED).

The ED fear has gripped the nation to a level that everyone is fearing as no one knows who will be the next target of the ED. Forget about the political leaders, the ongoing developments say that even the media is not an exemption from the fear.

What the media has to do with the ED is the doubt many have. But the way, a popular Telugu news channel that is known to be in favour of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee(TPCC) Chief Revanth Reddy has suddenly changed its stand and aired a special program questioning TPCC on various issues including his capabilities in leading the state Congress.

Now one understands what made the popular media channel go against the firebrand leader Revanth Reddy. This happened despite the alleged close ties between the head of the channel and the TPCC chief, which is strange.

After the special program went viral, many felt that there could be two possibilities to the issue. One the media channel is deliberate to be in the good books of the saffron party. The second possibility could be that the leadership of the party might have received some instructions and based on the same the special program might have been planned and aired.

On the other hand, the majority of the media channels are pro-BJP due to various reasons. A few national news channels are pro-Right and the same stand of the BJP might have made the news channels go soft against the BJP.

Coming to the flip side, a section of media is being forced to be friendly to the saffron party fearing the ED cases and other possible actions. Looks like the Telugu news channel also joined the pro-BJP gang.