Youth Mastered ChatGPT, Earns Lakhs By Giving Classes!

Sat Apr 01 2023 19:48:40 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Artificial Intelligence is a current phenomenon in technology. The AI reached a level where a chatbot was made and launched for usage. Many say ChatGPT, an AI-based chatbot, is a big revolution. Despite having new cons like giving unexpected responses to the users, Chabot is being used by users across the globe.

As an example of how effectively Chatbot can be used, a youth is earning a whopping $34,913 ( Rs 28.69 lakh). He is not even doing tough work as well. He started an online class on how to use Chatbot. He teaches beginners how to use the platform. The youth has over 15,000 students reportedly.

One Lance Junck is a 23-year-old youth who lives in Austin in Texas. He got to know about Chatbot after using it for a few months and fell in love with it. So he decided to teach beginners how to use the platform. So he reportedly started online classes on Udemy, an education platform.

Lance said that before starting the course he trained himself in Chatbot after spending hours daily and after gaining the required knowledge, he started the course. It is said that the course is seven hours long and teaches many things.

People from various age groups are his students. The youth is among the popular persons to teach Chabot. His popularity is such that even startups also seek his help in using the new technology for the betterment of the organization and making the services better.

It appears that the youth made good use of technology and mastered it. With the knowledge he gained, he started an online course and is earning a good amount. If the same continues then he would earn even bigger amounts in the future.