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This Will Happen If China Wages War Against India?

China reportedly does not like to see its neighbouring nation India seeing growth.

By:  Tupaki Desk   |   30 Aug 2023 10:31 AM GMT
This Will Happen If China Wages War Against India?

The aggressive nature of China is known to the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that almost everyone in the world feared China after the Covid outbreak. When people who are very far away from China fear it, what will be the situation of nations that share the borders? India and China are neighboring nations.

While India is a democratic nation, China follows a dictatorship. Everyone knows China is filled with spite. No introduction is required for its love for the land. Don't know whether we should call China's nature of capturing the lands of neighbouring nations a thrill or audacity.

China is angry with India. China is among the nations that predicted India would see deaths in big numbers due to the Covid outbreak. But India escaped the situation without any big loss. India reacted swiftly and brought a vaccine. India not only helped itself but helped 150 nations and emerged as the Pharmacy of the World.

Since then, India is going on a good path. All the nations are respecting India. Superpower nation America has good ties with India. India is going to merge as the strongest economy. It was said by none other than the I.M.F chief. A few international financial bodies also said the same.

It is said that China is unable to digest the popularity and financial growth of India. Things are not going well with China for some time. The unemployment rate is on the rise and the country is suffering from a financial crisis. The real estate sector almost collapsed.

Even the banking sector is trapped in a financial crisis. Looking at the situation in China, foreign companies are coming out of the nation. The interesting thing is that the companies that are moving out of China are coming to India. With this, China is reportedly filled with anger.

The opposition against China President Xi Jinping among people is increasing. Reports say that people are against his leadership. With these factors, China is facing a tough time internally.

China reportedly does not like to see its neighbouring nation India seeing growth. Usually, China doesn't like to see India performing well. But now, China is not in a good position and India is the top race making it angry. China is said to be double angry.

Now it is said that China is reportedly gearing up to create a border issue at the China-India border to hinder India's focus. Many say that we can understand China's intentions as it is showing Arunachal Pradesh on its map and claiming Ladakh as its own. China saying Sikkim as its area raises doubts about whether China is getting ready for a fight.

China is provoking us by showing Indian territory as its own. Many remember the situation in 1962 when a similar thing happened. Back then, China went through internal issues too. Hiding the issues, the communist leaders got ready for a war with us. The then government which was in the illusion of Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai was in suffocation with the unexpected development. We had to lose the war.

But there are no similar situations now. India has been observing what is going on in China. India is also observing China's atrocities at the border. India has become strong in the last 60 years. Many say that India will give a strong response if China goes to war. On the other hand, India carried out a sensational attack on the military camps in Pakistan in 2019 before the polls.

That brought a big political benefit to the BJP. If China makes a big step, India will not shy away from getting ready for a war, say many. We have to wait and see if this happens or not. It is said that the Narendra Modi government will deal with China strongly. Many say that India would give a strong response if China provokes it.