End Of Suspense: Congress Picks Senior Leader As CM!

Wed May 17 2023 13:42:48 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The happiness of winning the Katanataka general elections did not last too long for the Congress party. The grand old party is facing a big task of whom to make the Chief Minister of Karnataka between DK Shiva Kumar and Siddaramaiah. The suspense has been going on about this despite days after a super win with a full majority.

DK Shiva Kumar and Siddaramaiah are two strong leaders and come from strong communities. So it is a big task for the government to pick one among them. Recently, a CLP meeting was held with the MLAs to take their opinions on who should be made the Chief Minister of the state.

Now it is said that the suspense is finally over and the Congress leadership has a name for the CM post. Senior leader Siddaramaiah was reportedly picked as the CM and DK Shiva Kumar would be his deputy so that both leaders would be happy and no scenes like Maharashtra will happen.

At the CLP meeting, the majority of leaders reportedly backed Siddaramaiah and the Congress party is also with them in the decision. On the other hand, he already has the experience of running the state. He served as the Chief Minister of Karnataka earlier and during his stint he scored good marks.

Having seen the results of what he can deliver as the Chief Minister, the Congress leadership reportedly picked Siddaramaiah and the announcement would be made soon. DK Shiva Kumar who is a troubleshooter would be made the Deputy tpo honor his services.

Shiva Kumar has been a strong force in Congress and he delivered results for the party whenever the party wants. The recent general elections are also a big example. His groundwork played a big role in taking the Congress party to a landslide victory.

There is also a big relevance in the party leadership reportedly picking Siddaramaiah as the Chief Minister. Earlier, it was said that the new Chief Minister would take oath on the 18th of this month which is tomorrow. One day before the date, the leadership picked the former chief minister for the post yet again.